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Dreamwork - Awakenings

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Reflecting on the dreamwork retreat - Awakenings, which concluded last week, I am once again affirmed of the significance of listening to and working with our dreams.

Typically, we begin our dreamwork mornings gathered downstairs, circled around the fireplace and discuss the topic at hand. The Awakenings dreamwork series focused on spiritual leaders who were led on their journey through dreams. We heard stories of individuals awakened to their life purpose or to a solution of a puzzle or problem. After a brief refelection we enjoy a sweet treat and coffee.

In each dreamwork session participants are invited to describe a dream in detail. It is a gift and an honour to share dreams and even more so to listen to others do the same. Naturally, insights arise both in the telling and in the listening. As one person stated, "these sharings are extremely deep and personal as they express possibilities that opened us to new perspectives."

My role as guide and teacher is to hold the space for each person to tell their dream. Clarifying questions help this process, as does the input from fellow participants - imagining "if this were my dream........"

The uniqueness of each person is made clear in dreamwork. Each insight and response to the insight reveals a deeper and profoundly personal aspect of being. At this deeper level of being, we awaken to new possiblities.

James Schmeiser

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