• Prajna Teresa Bryant

Daya's Musing

When life hands you a sudden change or shift that not only surprises you but shakes your faithin someone or something that you held in high regard, someone you believed embodied the very essence of love, compassion, right mindedness and right living - what do you do?

This week I have been challenged to find a place of equilibrium and calm as I adjust to news just of this sort and have struggled with mental gymnastics of trying to make sense of the reality of the situation, my perception of the situation and my own reaction to it all.

Right or wrong, good or bad, I have no answer to these questions and I do not know a way to unravel the situation sothat I have a neatly packaged answer.

What I do have, though, is my Nembutsu practice. Namo Amida Bu is the refuge I need and

require that reminds me that life is fluid and that it will find balance again, that I need not haveall the answers, for the dharma resides in every moment and in every situation. In this I have faith - Namo Amida Bu.

~ Daya

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