Previous Workshops and Retreats

Contemplative Practices for Dying Well

A five-week program for those interested in learning about the importance of contemplative practices in one's dying and in caring for the ill and dying.  The practices of Presence and Essential Phowa are taught, followed by a discussion on "attending to unfinished business" before death. Facilitated by Prajna Teresa Bryant.    

The Heart of Buddhism

What did the Buddha teach? How did the Buddha live? Is Buddhism a religion, a psychology, or an ethical way of life? A four-week introduction to the essential teachings and practices at the heart of Buddhism. Facilitated by Prajna Teresa Bryant.

The Heart of Mindfulness

A one-day retreat to reflect on the connection between our mind and heart, our thoughts and actions, and our faith and the practice of the nembutsu, which is about keeping the Buddha in mind. If we can live with that sort of mind, then right thoughts, right speech, and right behaviour will naturally follow. With time, faith, and practice, we trust that no matter how difficult life may get, we can still allow our hearts to open to the challenges that befall us and thus live more joyful, honest, and fulfilled lives. Facilitated by Susthama Marian Kim, Deputy Head of the Order of Amida Buddha in England.

Letting in the Light

In all religions, there is a deep intuition of something greater than oneself.  In Pureland Buddhism, we centre our practice and our lives around Amida, the Buddha of Infinite Life and Light.  It is our afflictions and sufferings that, if acknowledged and accepted, enable the light to enter into our hearts. A one-day retreat facilitated by Acharya Susthama Marian Kim, OAB.

The Spirituality of St. Francis

One of the great mystics of the Middle Ages, St. Francis of Assisi lived a life that speaks increasingly to people of our age. In this one-day workshop, we reflect on the transition in his life from that of a privileged person to one who committed himself to deeper love toward all of God’s creation.  We also explore how we might embody this commitment in our own lives. Facilitated by James Schmeiser, PhD.

Stone by Stone: Writing Spiritual Memoir

Spiritual autobiography is a centuries-old form of writing that focuses on expressing the movements of the inner life with clarity and heart. This eight-month (three weekends and two evenings) course bridges editorial guidance with spiritual direction in service of an honest writing practice that enables us to tell the one story we want most to tell. Facilitated by Prajna Teresa Bryant and Susan Scott, Lead Non-Fiction editor with The New Quarterly and English instructor at St. Jerome's University in Waterloo, Ontario.  Personal editorial guidance is also offered.

Telling the Stories of Our Lives 

A guided autobiography program designed to provide participants with a supportive atmosphere for personal reflection and writing, as well as editorial guidance. Facilitated by Prajna Teresa Bryant and Susan Scottwriter, teacher, and the Lead Non-Fiction Editor of The New Quarterly, one of Canada's best-loved literary magazines.  Ten sessions over a five-month period. 

The Wisdom of Dreams

Throughout the centuries, great religious thinkers, as well as philosophical and psychological sages, have depended on the wisdom of their dreams, as well as the dreams of others, to gain insights into new directions and possibilities in their lives. This one-day workshop explores the world of dreams, and participants are invited to share and discuss the wisdom of our own dreams. Facilitated by James Schmeiser, PhD.

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