James Schmeiser, Ph.D.




Counselling and Spiritual Direction with a focus on dreamwork for those looking to:

  • Gain insight

  • Find inspiration

  • Heal

  • Discover meaning and purpose

  • Mend relationships

  • Prepare for death

  • Reconcile with loss and transition

  • Age well


  • Diplom Liturgics, Liturgisches Institut, Trier, Germany

  • Ph.D., University of Ottawa

  • D.Th., St. Paul's University, Ottawa.


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  • Three years lecturing at St. Paul's School of Nursing, Saskatoon, in the fields of Medical Ethics, Religion, and Development of Conscience.

  • Several years lecturing at St Paul's University, Ottawa, in the areas of symbols and ritual.

  • Thirty five years as Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Western University, London, Ontario. Created and offered courses in the field of dreams.

  • Retired as Professor Emeritus and continues to offer counselling and dream workshops throughout North America.


Dreams are approached with an attitude of wonder toward the wisdom offered in our dreams. Insights are present not only for the dreamer but for society at large. All are encouraged to "listen" to their dreams and develop methodologies to express them in art forms as well as in daily life. Narrative, person-centred approach, integrating spirituality and psychology.

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