Psychotherapy and Counselling 


Psychotherapy is a service that is usually longer term and aims to understand recurring patterns and persistent issues.


Counselling is a service that includes information sharing and empowerment, mostly short-term and very specific.

Teresa Bryant, R.P., M.A., C.C.C.,  specializes in supporting those who have a chronic or life-limiting illness, are grieving, or are coping with aspects of aging.

Aging, illness, and loss are natural to life. Initially, we witness these transitions in others and eventually experience them ourselves.

While natural, these experiences are also challenging. Feelings of sadness, fear, anxiety, regret, isolation and anger are normal, as are altered behaviours, thoughts, and priorites. In the wake of these changes it is common to feel insecure and overwhelmed. 


Also, there are instances when the normal process of grief becomes too intense to bear.  Multiple or traumatic losses are sometimes too complicated or enduring to cope with. There are times when it is necessary to seek professional help.


Psychotherapy or counselling will provide emotional and spiritual support and be a resource as you make important decisions around how you intend to live your life in relation to your illness or grief journey. 


Supervision for qualifying psychotherapists is available, especially those interested in the areas of illness, grief and aging, or in Buddhist psychology and therapy.


Sessions are 55 minutes and are available in person or on-line using the Zoom platform. 

Appointments are available during both daytime and evening hours.


$120 includes HST


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