Buddhist counselling values the uniqueness of each person.  I work to create an atmosphere of trust and wonder, wherein each session is a fresh opportunity for you to discover something new about yourself. I use a process called "meditative inquiry,"  integrating body, speech and mind and the meditative process.


As a Buddhist counsellor, I am knowledgeable in the Abhi-dharma and trained in Buddhist psychology.  I am also certified in Contemplative End-of-Life Care.


My particular skills are in the areas of mindfulness, body awareness, meditation and spiritual inquiry.  I emphasize other-centered living as a path to happiness.

Spiritual Direction


Spiritual direction is a process whereby one asks questions of meaning and faith in a confidential setting.   This exploration may include questions such as, "What is the meaning of my life?"  "What is the meaning of  suffering?"  "How can I cultivate goodness and love?"  and "What is my relationship to Amida or Divine Mystery?"


Spiritual direction can be used to discern one’s life course by considering questions of purpose and life work.  


Spiritual direction is not necessarily about problem solving, but about "soul searching."  Buddhist spiritual directors are interested in how the Dharma is being experienced, and how one is supported in living an other-centered life.


Supervision and Mentoring


Supervision for spiritual directors and mentoring for psychotherapists and counsellors is available.   I offer guidance to established practitioners interested in incorporating aspects of Buddhist psychology, Morita therapy and/or spirituality into their work.




I offer workshops, retreats and group process in the areas of Buddhist psychology, Morita therapy, Mindfulness practices, Pureland Buddhism, and Spirituality.  Recent programs have included Spiritual Memoir Writing, Naikan, and The Path of the Bodhisattva.


Please contact me to discuss your needs, or go to for a list of current programs.

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