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Winter/Spring 2019


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Amida Mosaic Home Temple

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Dreams: Gateway to the Holy Unconscious

Amida Mosaic Home Temple

Friday, March 29, 2019

10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Cost:  $75.00 (drinks and snacks provided)

            $12.00 lunch - or bring your own lunch. When registering, please indicate which lunch

            option you prefer.        


Note: Registration is limited and ends on March 22, 2019.            

This workshop will focus on the significance of dreams in our spiritual journey, reminding all of us that often the central issue to be attended to on a daily basis is given to us the night before in our sleep, through dreams.  Time permitting, various methods of working with dreams will be offered.


The workshop will be presented by James Schmeiser, Professor Emeritus, W.U., and Spiritual Director. James has introduced and taught courses on dreams and spirituality for many years.

Aging and Spirituality:  Finding Courage and Resilience

Conrad Grebel University College

Waterloo, Ontario

June 13, 14, 2019

Details to come.

We can find ourselves in new territory where much is unknown as we face challenges and difficulties in illness, in the aging process, and in dying. In the same way grit inside an oyster transforms into a pearl, we wonder if our fear and frustration can be transformed into something just as beautiful in us.


You are invited to a time of learning, reflection and self-care, led by a collaborative team of spiritual companions from various faith traditions (below) who work in long-term care, hospice, and the community. There will be time and space for contemp-lation, relaxation, and community connections as we experience the role of spirituality in finding courage and resilience in our lives.


Come for one day, two days, or make it a retreat and stay overnight!

No Pearl Without Grit

3rd International Conference on the

Psychology of Suffering and Awakening


Soesterberg, Netherlands

September 5-8, 2019

For the full information sheet, click here.

An oyster creating a pearl in order to deal with irritating grit - an image that reflects the Buddha's teachings on dukkha and transformation - not only lies at the root of Buddhist psychology but is also an appropriate motif for the Buddhist practice of seeking to transform adverse circumstances into the path of enlightenment.


This conference, convened by Dharmavidya David Brazier, Chairperson of the International Zen Therapy Institute, and his group of organizers, seeks to encourage and welcome all approaches to applying this ancient wisdom in a modern context, stimulating creativity, cross-fertilization, and cooperation to transcend divisions between schools and approaches. 


The conference is limited to 80 participants.

Looking Ahead


Soon to come is a five-day Naikan Retreat facilitated by Prajna and James.


In the course of our busy modern lives, finding time for quiet personal reflection can be difficult.  Naikon, developed in Japan, is a structured method of self-reflection that helps us to understand ourselves, our relationships and the fundamental nature of human existence. This retreat will provide the opportunity to step back and examine ourselves and the broader context of our lives in an atmosphere of reflective silence.  Details will come soon.

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