Websites and Blogs

  • Daily Teachings   An archive list of the teachings of David Brazier, posted online, with links to the individual works.



  • David Brazier's Blog   Dharmavidya posts on his blog from Eleusis, his hermitage in France, and elsewhere as he travels the world to teach. This website, called David Brazier and Friends, also contains pages by other people, in an ongoing online conversation about religion, Buddhism, psychology, the arts, community, and life.


  • David Brazier/Dharmavidya's Archived Blog  -  This site, now retired, contains Dharmavidya's posts to 2015.‚Äč


  • Kaspalita's Thompson's Website -  Psychotherapist, Buddhist  priest, teacher, and podcaster, Kaspa's site contains links to his blog posts and podcasts. With wife Satya Robyn, he runs the Amida Mandala Temple in Malvern, Uk.


  • Satyavani Robyn's Website -  Author of a dozen or so books, Buddhist priest and psychotherapist Satya runs the Amida Mandala Temple along with her husband Kaspalita. This site provides links to her blog posts and the seventeen or so books she has written.


  • Sujatin Johnson's Website   - "Lotus in the Mud" is where Sujatin, Buddhist priest and the senior acharya (teacher) of the Order of Amida Buddha, does her online teaching from her Home Temple in Perth, Scotland. 


  • Whispers From the Bamboo Grove   Issue archive for "Whispers from the Bamboo Grove, " an Amida newsletter created and maintained by Archarya Sujatin Johnson on behalf of the Friends of the Amida Order and Dharmavidya David Brazier.





  • Amida GroupsA rich source of information about Amida Buddhism, resources, and ideas for running local Amida groups









  • ToDo Institute  -  Japanese psychology,  including Morita Therapy and Naikan







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