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Amida Mandala Buddhist Temple, located in the United Kingdom in the heart of Malvern, Worcestershire, is the home of the UK Amida Order, as well as the headquarters for the Amida Trust in the UK. 

Rev. Kaspalita Thompson and Rev. Satyavani Robyn, the resident priests at Amida Mandala, have generously given us permission to re-post their recorded dharma talks here on the Amida Mosaic website.  We, in turn, are delighted to offer them to you, with links for listening or downloading: 

Kaspa’s Podcast:  Grounded in Pureland Buddhism and spanning other topics.  Click here to see all episodes.


Saturday Night Dharma:  A series of talks on various topics by different teachers from the Amida Order, given at Amida Mandala on the first Saturday of each month. Check the events page to see when the next one will take place.



Short Talks from Services (latest are at the bottom of the list):



Or stream these audio talks from our YouTube channel playlist: Short Dharma Talks


Happiness:  Talk from our retreat day by Kaspalita  listen/download (mp3) or listen on YouTube


Becoming Friends with Yourself:  Two talks from our recent retreat day



Makkhima Nikaya – Commentary by Rev Kaspalita:  A series of talks on the Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha. (The translation I am reading from is by Bhikku Nanamoli and Bhikkhu Bodhi.)



The Larger Pureland Sutra – Commentary by Rev Kaspalita:  A series of talks on the Larger Pureland Sutra, in which Dharmakara Bodhisattva becomes Amida Buddha, and makes his famous vow to save all beings. This is the central text of our tradition. Kaspalita is using the version of the Sutra compiled by Dharmavidya, which you can read online here:  Larger Pureland Sutra. All talks are mp3 format.



Although I don’t finish reading to the end of the Sutra in this series, I think that the most important points are covered in these ten talks. If you read on in the Sutra yourself, you will see the remainder is a reiteration and confirmation of what has gone before.


The Life of No Regret – Commentary by Rev Kaspalita:  This series of short talks (around ten minutes each) focuses on one section from the Larger Pureland Sutra. The Life of No Regret is a verse that Dharmakara recites spontaneously when he meets his teacher for the first time. In it, he praises his teacher, outlines the qualities of a Buddha and vows to become a Buddha himself. (You can read the text online here: Life of No Regret.)


This series is currently incomplete, but each talk is complete in and of itself. They were given in 2011 as dharma talks as part of our Wednesday evening service.



Talks from Amida Malvern Study Mornings:


From 2011



From 2014



Live Q&A with Rev Master Dharmavidya:  Listen to Dharmavidya’s answers from questions put to him after one of our evening services, earlier in the year.  Listen/download (mp3)






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Permission granted to share these audio talks on our website.

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