Non-residential retreats (and occasional residential retreats) are intended to nurture faith and inspire compassionate care for our world.


Specific areas of focus have included Earth Spirituality, Cultivating Gratitude, Contemplative Activism, Living with Illness, The Significance of Dreams, and Buddhist Spirituality, to mention only a few.

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Psychotherapy/Spiritual Direction


The psychotherapy and spiritual direction offered at Amida Mosaic focuses on living with illness, caregiving, grief and bereavement, and dreamwork.


If you are interested in knowing more about these confidential services, please click the Psychotherapy & Spiritual Direction button, above, or you may contact Prajna Teresa Bryant, R.P., here

Gatherings ~ Amida Mosaic Sangha


Amida Mosaic is home to the Amida Mosaic sangha. The sangha (a community of friends) meets each month on a Tuesday afternoon and evening for book study, a potluck dinner, stone passing, and sacred practice, followed by a Wednesday morning service.

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The services offered by Amida Mosaic fall into three main categories:

Retreats, Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction, and Sangha Gatherings.

If we have courage,

we take silence

as medicine

to cure us from 

our social ills,

the suffering of

self-centered alienation.

In silence,

sacred silence, 

we stand naked

like trees in winter,

all our secrets visible

under our skin.

And like winter's tree,

we appear dead 

but are alive.

~ Joan Halifax,

from "The Fruitful Darkness"

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