Compassionate Living

"Compassionate living" is simply caring for others as an expres-sion of our shared humanity and faith.  When we speak of "others," we are referring to all beings:  humans, animals, and the earth herself.  


In Buddhism we also refer to this way of living as the "Way of the Bodhisattva" or the "Bodhisattva Ideal."


Much of the work of Amida Mosaic is educating in the area of character development and altruism. Buddhism teaches that people who are genuinely happy are those for whom compas-sion, simplicity, kindness, and the desire to care for others naturally flow.  

This kind of compassionate, other-centered living, however, is

not always easy; and each of us needs opportunities to learn, reflect, and practice the art of other-centered living.  At Amida Mosaic we offer such oppportunities.


The Buddha spoke fervently of the value of the sangha, for the sangha is both the training ground and the manifestation of ethical and compassionate living.  In a sangha, spiritual friends challenge and support one another as we each work to lessen suffering and transform the world.

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