Amida Mosaic Sangha

Amida Mosaic Sangha is a community of

spiritual friends, learning, reflecting upon, and

practicing the Dharma together.  


Our sangha meets at Amida Mosaic Home

Temple in London, Ontario, under the guidance

of Rev. Prajnatara T. Bryant, a minister in the

Order of Amida Buddha.


We are a small and intimate training commu-

nity inspired by Pureland Buddhism and

dedicated to "other-centered living."  We meet

every Tuesday evening for study and practice,

as well as occasionally gathering for retreats,

programs, services and socials.


Members of the Amida Mosaic make donations

of $150 in September and again in January,

allowing the community to meet ordinary house-

hold expenses, to reach out to others, and to

make donations of its own -  one of which is to the Order of Amida Buddha, of which we are a part.

Our minister and teacher, Prajnatara, OAB, is supported by the monetary gifts she receives through spiritual direction, pastoral care, counselling and retreat work. 


While we are Buddhist, we encourage people of any - or no - faith tradition, to join us for study and practice.   Try us out for a while to see if we'd be a fit for you.


We wholeheartedly welcome you!

Sangha Mission Statement



Amida  Mosaic Sangha is a Pureland Buddhist sangha, part of the international Amida-shu (Amida school) and dedicated to:


1.   Providing educational and sacred practice opportunities for those living or preparing for the Buddhist way

      of life.


2.   Cultivating  a  vibrant, faith-filled sangha, supported by deep and abiding friendships.


3.   Going forth in service and love.

Providing educational and sacred practice opportunities for those living or preparing for the Buddhist way of life.


The Amida Mosaic Sangha, part of Amida-shu, together with Mahayana Buddhism:


  • affirms the threefold nature of Buddha (ultimate Buddha, spiritual Buddha, Buddha in the world);


  • adheres to the Pureland emphasis upon the "bombu" nature of the practitioner (meaning that we do not have the power to become enlightened unaided); and


  • adopts as its core practice the "nembutsu" (calling upon Amida Tathagata).”    ~  Dharmavidya

We value the Pureland tradition and are open to a diversity of interpretations and understandings therein.  We study and practice together, honouring diversity and creativity among members, while encouraging the unique contributions of each person to the understanding of our faith.


We value the many ways in which we receive the Dharma:  through teachers, the sangha, sutra study, sacred practice, ritual, nature, and creative and healing arts.


We value education and work to create programs and teaching opportunities that inspire others to the love of the Dharma and the Buddhist way of life.


We value sacred practice and embrace the recitation of the nembutsu as our primary practice.  We also practice chanting, meditation, nei quan, chih quan, prostrations, caring for the shrine, and observance of religious/spiritual occasions together, thus cultivating a faith-filled and vibrant sangha, supported by deep and abiding friendships.

Cultivating a faith-filled and vibrant sangha, supported by deep and abiding friendships


The Buddha taught that the sangha is an utmost blessing.  Such a faith-filled and vibrant sangha is an inspiration to others.  


We value the responsibilities implicit and explicit in being part of a sangha.


We value communalism and strive to be cooperative, generous, patient, respectful of and honest with one another.


We value being ourselves, sharing differences and having a safe place to admit wrong-doing. We work to create a safe oasis for spiritual work.

We value the gift of the sangha and strive to make it a place of harmony, while acknowledging our bombu nature.   Knowing there will be points of disagreement and hurt, we respond by emphasizing fellow-feeling, and work to be humble, forgiving and kind with one another.

We value being part of the international Amida-shu and appreciate the guidance and support we receive from this broader community.

Going forth in service and love


We value Amida-shu’s three-pronged model of engagement

with the world:


1.   Resist Oppression

2.   Assist the Afflicted

3.   Demonstrate an Alternative


We value listening and strive to pay attention to the many

voices of need in our midst.  


We value friendship as a model of response.   Therefore, we reach out to others with a “sense of mission and trust in what will unfold, rather than pre-planned, goal-oriented projects.”  


We value faith in the sangha, which allows us to go forth in service, individually and collectively.  

And coming back, we tell our stories so that all may digest the experience and grow together.


We value service to our sangha and our community as a way of expressing the gratitude we have for being held in the love of Amida.


We value service in the care of our earth and ministry to the disadvantaged, sick and dying.

Belonging to the Sangha


Belonging to a community is a most precious gift.   We each long to be accepted and supported just as we are; to rest and feel at home with others.    For some, belonging means occasional encounters, in person or by email.   For others, belonging implies increasing levels of engagement and service. 


The Amida Mosaic Sangha welcomes everyone and encourages you to find what supports you best.


Levels of Engagement


  • Participation in Amida Mosaic Sangha programs/activities and in practice periods.   


  • Membership in Amida Mosaic Sangha – contributing in practical ways to the life of the community.   


  • Refuge in the Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha).  Ceremony once a year, usually in December.   


  • Refuge in the Five Jewels (Amida, Buddha, Dharma, Sangha,  Pure Land).  Ceremony once a year, usually in December.  


  • Taking the Five Precepts (and studying and honouring the Ten Precepts).  Open to those who have taken refuge in the Five Jewels no less than one year prior, and have undertaken a one-year study period with an Amidist priest or teacher.


  • Membership in Amida-Shu, which is by invitation only.   Order member/priest puts forth names once a year at conclave.  Member must have taken Refuge in the Five Jewels no less than one year prior, have a spiritual teacher/priest, and be actively involved in supporting the local sangha.


  • Confirmation of membership in Amida-Shu.  Must take place within eighteen months of the ceremony.  Same as above.

Regular Gatherings



For more details, please go to our Program Calendar.

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