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Our Beachfront Destination
We spent five happy, peaceful days at a lovely private retreat house on a rise directly above this beach.
Heading to the Beach
The weather was cool and changeable, but that didn't dampen our spirits at all; we enjoyed all the moods of our fall season.
Amida Buddha
Watching over our Shrine Room
Dory Enjoying the View
Even James' and Prajna's little dog, Dory, enjoyed the wonderful view from the huge picture windows looking out onto the lake.
Amida Mosaic Service Book
Each day we participated in morning and evening services.
We also had plenty of silent time to do those things that we often need peace and silence to enjoy: reading, meditating, knitting, catching up on sleep, and contemplating the ever-changing clouds over the lake. Bliss!
Plenty of time to write in our journals...
The very best spot for spiritual reading and contemplation.
Another Beautiful Buddha
Several of us brought Buddhas from home to grace our Shrine Room.
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