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The Beginning


Amida Mosaic came into being in 2005, when Teresa Bryant and her husband James Schmeiser began offering retreats and spiritual direction under the name "Mosaic Retreats." Their intention was to provide guidance and silent space for individuals needing to take "time out" from the busyness of everyday modern life. 

On November 11, 2010, Teresa was ordained into the Order of Amida Buddha to become Reverend Amita Prajnatara, O.A.B., and Mosaic Retreats became Amida Mosaic to reflect the new bond with the Order of Amida Buddha.

Today, Prajna continues to guide the work of Amida Mosaic, often joined by other teachers and facilitators, including her "officially" retired husband, James. 


Nowadays, the services they provide fall into three main categories (click on the links below):






If we have courage, we take silence

as medicine to cure us

from our social ills,

the suffering of self-centered alienation.

In silence, sacred silence,

we stand naked

like trees in winter,

all our secrets visible

under our skin.

And like winter's tree,

we appear dead but are alive.


~ Joan Halifax, from

"The Fruitful Darkness"

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