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We offer a confidential relationship in which to gain insight, explore behaviour patterns, nurture resilience, and heal. Our work together is aimed at removing the obstacles that prevent you from experiencing love, creativity, and ease in your life.

Our role in this process is that of a guide. We will support and inspire you in the expansion of your inner resources and accompany with you through your life transition or loss, offering you compassion, non-judgment and patience.

Amida Mosaic

We chose to name our practice Amida Mosaic. Amida is an achetypal figure in Buddhism representing Infinite Light and Unconditional Love. Amida is both feminine and masculine and symbolizes the potential we possess for accepting ourselves and others, just as we are.


Mosaic is associated with unique and multi-facited pieces of art. A mosaic is made of broken, imperfect pieces, that when fashioned together creates something beautiful.


At Amida Mosaic Psychotherapy we are honoured to enter a therapeutic relationship with you and promise to hold all the unique, multi-facited, and broken aspects of you in a relationship that is based on acceptance, presence and compassion. 

About Us

We specialize our practice in the area of life transitions and loss, with a particular focus in the areas of illness, grief, and aging. We each bring a unique blend of professional and personal experience to our work, along with our own additional areas of focus and specialty. 

Our approach integrates western and eastern psychotherapy methods along with ancient wisdom teachings.  We respect the interconnectedness of the whole person - body, mind and heart, as well as the inseperable nature of others and the earth. 








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