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Psychotherapy, Dreamwork, and Retreats.  

Amida Mosaic offers a warm and confidential context in which to gain insight, nurture resilience, and live wholeheartedly.

Whatever you are facing, our purpose is to be a compassionate and meaningful relationship by which you may freely explore your life process. 

Amida Mosaic individual and group services all hold to the same healing and nurturing principles:


  • Silence:  We need time and space to be still and to hear the voice within.


  • Simplicity:  We need to learn ways to restore balance to our inner and outer world.


  • Solitude:  We require extended times alone to reflect and re-connect with our personal life center.


  • Service:  We need to find ways to intervene effectively with our world, through individuals, in groups, and through systems. 


  • Sacred Practice:  We need disciplined practices to fulfill our desire to serve all beings and to bring joy to our lives.

Due to Covid-19 our retreat schedule has been postponed indefinitely.

We look forward to rescheduling when the time is right.

During this time we continue to offer psychotherapy, dreamwork, and groups via a secure on-line platform.

Please refer to the On-line Groups for a list of groups that may interest you.


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