As a registered psychotherapist it is my honour and pleasure to offer individual psychotherapy to maturing adults.

I provide skillful and compassionate psychological support to those dealing with concerns typical to the aging process including: grief and loss, relationship and work transition, chronic and life-limiting illness, and caregiving concerns.   


Aging, with its associated changes, can induce frustration, sadness, regret, and a sense of foreboding. It is also possible to experience illness or death anxiety, as we grow older.  During these times it is often helpful to reach out and talk with a trusted professional. 

Of course, aging also offers us an opportunity for transformation, inviting us to awaken, heal, and mature as we move more deeply into our elder years. Time may be ripe for you to investigate the growth potential of this stage of life.

Whatever life holds for you, I invite you to reach out for the support you need.




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Teresa Bryant,  R.P.,  M.A.,  C.C.C.

I offer a warm and confidential setting in which to gain insight, heal, nurture resilience and live wholeheartedly.  To learn more about my scope of practice and approach to therapy,

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