Welcome to Amida Mosaic Psychotherapy

Our Purpose

We promise to provide you with compassionate professional support during your time of loss and life transition. Our practice specializes in serving those who are experiencing health concerns, chronic or life limiting illness, and grief, as well as challenges due to aging, caregiving, work, and relationship transitions. If you are feeling overwhelmed, angry, sad, anxious, or uncertain, we are here to help.


Our sessions are offered online using a secure platform, by telephone, and in-person. 


Amida Mosaic Psychotherapy was established in 2005 and offers individual psychotherapy.




Whether you are at the beginning of your grief journey or life transition, or have been coping with its effects for some time, we are here to be a sensitive and meaningful presence by which you may freely explore your life process. 

We offer a warm and confidential relationship in

which to gain insight, nurture resilience, and live wholeheartedly. 

Covid-19 continues to cause disruption.

If you have been negatively impacted or have experienced loss during this time, we are here for you.

We honour your courage in reaching out for the support you need and look forward to meeting you.

"That it will never come again is

what makes life so sweet"

 ~ Emily Dickinson