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Amida Mosaic offers

Psychotherapy, Dreamwork, and Retreats intended to

heal, restore, nurture, and inspire. 

Weaving together psychology and spirituality, Amida Mosaic serves those interested in nurturing a calm centre of reference from which to engage in self-exploration and growth, and

compassionate living.

Amida Mosaic holds to the following principles:


  • Silence:  We need time and space to be still and to hear the voice within.


  • Simplicity:  We need to learn ways to restore balance to our inner and outer world.


  • Solitude:  We require extended times alone to reflect and re-connect with our personal life center.


  • Service:  We need to find ways to intervene effectively with our world, through individuals, in groups, and through systems. 


  • Sacred Practice:  We need disciplined practices to fulfill our desire to serve all beings and to bring joy to our lives.

Upcoming Retreat Day:  The Way of Francis of Assisi 

with Teresa Bryant and James Schmeiser

"To live in the justice of love is to live in peace. For Francis, justice and peace are related to poverty, compassion, contemplation and on-going conversion by which we realize our familial bonds with all living creatures."  Ilia Delio

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 10a.m. - 4p.m.

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